Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sample Itin 28th - 2nd 2012

28th ---- Travel from Tamarindo to Arenal Volcano (Nayara Resort)
Nayara Resort

Today you can travel from Tamarindo to the famous Arenal Voclano. This is must see while in Costa Rica and depending on availability there are a number of great hotels in the area but the Nayara Resort is one of our favorites. You have great views of the volcano and surrounded by lush tropical forest. (Meals: None)

29th ---- Visit Danaus Reserve & Don Juan Organic Farm (Nayara Resort)

You won't find me in Jersey
We really enjoy the Danaus Reserve because it is a small reserve, very easy hiking, and a chance to see so much in just a short hike from poisonous dart frogs, sloths, agoutis, caiman, many different birds and butterflies. After the hike in the reserve we will take you to the man who we consider the Eli Manning of Costa Rica. His name is Don Juan and he has a small organic farm that has the best food in the country and he loves giving a little walk around the farm before the meal. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

1st ---- Visit Cano Negro Wildlife Reserve (Nayara Resort)

Arenal Volcano
If you are in to wildlife this is another chance to see a number of different species from Costa Rica while being on an easy boat float. There will be monkeys all over and we like to go in the afternoon on a private boat to avoid the crowds and makes for a very pleasant evening. We could squeeze in an amazing zipline today also if you would like. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

2nd ---- Travel to Villa Blanca Hotel & Night Hike in Cloud-forest (Villa Blanca)

Today you will travel to another one of our favorite places and this place is just 1 1/2 hour from the San Jose airport but located in a beautiful cloud-forest where you will get the chance to see the famous Quetzal bird because now is the season for it. The hotel is absolutely beautiful with amazing views. In the evening you will get to see everything that does not come out during the day as your naturalist guide takes you on a night hike. (Meals: Breakfast)

Famous Quetzal
3rd ----- Travel to San Jose for flight Home!

Today you will leave the Villa Blanca hotel around 10am and make the drive to the San Jose airport. (Meals: Breakfast)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Ron & Family Costa Rica Adventure 2012

Arenal Volcano
Day 1 --- Arrive & Drive to Arenal Volcano (Tabacon Resort)

Today we will meet you Ron and your 23 other family members and welcome you into the beautiful country of Costa Rica. You will be met at the airport by your driver and guide who will be with you the entire week. From the San Jose airport we will be making a 2 1/2 hour drive through the cloud-forest to the Arenal Volcano. This is a perfectly cone-shaped volcano and one of the most well known on the planet for it's beauty. You will be staying at the famous Tabacon Resort. The best part about staying here is that you have access to the genuine thermal springs. The Resort, situated at the base of the volcano, is beautiful and a 5-Star setting in every part of the hotel. (Meals: None)

Day 2 --- Zipline Adventure & Danaus Nature Reserve (Tabacon Resort)

Today we plan on getting this trip started with some adventure. There are over 70 different ziplines in the country but the one on the back side of the Arenal Volcano is still the best there is. Not only are the views amazing but you happen to zip 700ft above primary rainforest. The little ones will have to enjoy the gandola ride but we invite everyone else to take part in this great adventure. Our naturalist guides will take the little ones on the gandola ride and then a filled-with-nature hike over some hanging bridges to keep them interested.

Sloth: See you at Danaus!!!
After the zipline adventure we will go down to the town of La Fortuna where we will invite you to lunch in one of our favorite spots. After lunch we will make our way to the Danaus Reserve. This is an easy little nature hike that gives everyone a chance to see almost all of the critters and animals in Costa Rica without having to hike for hours on end. This is a four acre reserve filled with poisonous dart frogs, tree frogs, caimans, birds, SLOTHS!, and much more. In the afternoon it is back to the Tabacon Resort so you can enjoy an evening in the hotsprings. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 3 ---- Canyoneering & Don Juan Organic Farm (Tabacon HotSprings)

Ok Ron, you said you guys were active so I am putting this adventure on the tour. This is the famous canyoneering adventure and everyone can enjoy. For the little ones they will go hooked up to a system that makes it easy for them but for the rest of us you will be rappeling the waterfall. It is a day of fun in a beautiful pristine canyon surrounded by the tropical rainforest. After the day of adventure we will invite you to the house of one of the neatest Costa Rican's you will ever meet. That would be Don Juan, who has a completely organic farm. We will walk around the farm as a group. Here the kids and adults will get  to make their own sugar-cane juice, harvest some yucca that we will be eating for dinner, and even try some of Don Juan's famous sugar-cane white lightning (we suggest just a small sip). After seeing his small two acre farm we will enjoy dinner on a river in a beautiful setting feasting on all the food that has come from his farm. This is probably the best tasting (and best for you) food you will have all week. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 4 --- Drive to Central Pacific (Cuna del Angel)

Last Year 3 Families in the Dominical Area
Today we will be leaving the Arenal area and making our way to the Central Pacific. We will be staying just south of the Manuel Antonio in an area known as Dominical. The hotel you will be staying at is called Cuna del Angel and will work perfectly for your group because you will practically be taking up the entire small boutique hotel. The Cuna del Angel is surrounded by jungle and located around some of the finest beaches on the Pacific. This will be a travel day and you will have time to enjoy much of the coast and landscape of Costa Rica. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 5 --- Raft Savegre River (Cuna del Angel)

Bring on the Grand-kids Ron
We love rivers and we plan to show you an amazing day on the Savegre River. We will start the day by driving up into the hills on some dirt roads that we like to say are your free back massage. Once we get to the put-in, we will get everyone geared up and ready to raft. We operate our own rafting trips and  will be happy to take everyone from the group down the river if we run the lower section.  For those that want a little more adventure they can start farther up the river and we can all meet for lunch at a central point. We take pride in the lunch we prepare for our guests. Being a large family group we will be preparing a beautiful riverside meal for you that will give you time to relax and enjoy the river as we eat lunch on the Savegre.   The Savegre is one of the most picturesque rivers you will find as it is filled with tropical forest canyons and waterfalls we will stop and visit. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Howler Monkey: "Welcome Ron to Costa Rica"
Day 6 ---- Visit Manuel Antonio National Park (Cuna del Angel)

Today we will be going to Manuel Antonio National Park. Although it is touristy the park is a must-see. We like to think there are still more monkeys than people in the park and it is a chance to see plenty of monkeys while we make the easy hike through the park. Your naturalist guide won't let you miss a thing or creature and will fill you in on all the information about the natural history of Costa Rica.  We will make a day out of being in the area, having lunch and giving the ladies a chance to enjoy some of the shops. In the evening we w'll head back to Cuna del Angel where you can enjoy some of finest food in their gourmet restaurant. (Meals: Breakfast)
Last Year's Family Group in Domimical Surf Class

Day 7 ---- Beach Day (Cuna del Angel)

Today is a free day to relax. There are many activities to do in the area and we can organize anything form surf classes, horseback riding, sea-kayak, snorkeling, zipline, waterfall rappeling, and much more. Another option would be to just relax at the hotel and enjoy the pool. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 -------- Fly Home!

Today we'll make the 2 1/2 hour drive back to the (SJO) San Jose Airport to catch your flight home! (Meals: Breakfast)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sample Itin June 2012

Amanda your chair is waiting...

June 30th ------ Arrive and Drive to Arenal Volcano (Nayara Resort)

Today you will be met outside the airport by your private guide and driver. We will make the drive to the famous Arenal Volcano where you will be staying in the world famous Nayara Resort. I wish I could put all of our groups here but unfortunately because of availability it is always full. We happen to be lucky enough to get rooms blocked for you on these dates. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 1st -------- Visit Danaus & La Fortuna Waterfall (Nayara Resort)

After breakfast we will make our way to the Danaus Reserve which is a very small, easy hike, and a chance to see little colorful rainforest species such as frogs, sloths, birds, and butterflies. It is a great little hike for the little ones and short enough to keep their attention. After the visit to the Danaus Reserve we can visit the La Fortuna waterfall which is a hike of around 400 stairs which if you feel is too much we can just enjoy it from the viewing area up top and then back to the Nayara Resort to enjoy the grounds and room. (Meals: Breakfast)

July 2nd ------- Visit Cano Negro or Canyoneering (Nayara Resort)

Today we have the option of canyoneering or visiting Cano Negro. The canyoneering is a great adventure for all ages as you make your way down a canyon and the little ones are hooked up to cables and let down while the adults rappel down the side of the waterfall. If you think this might be a little extreme for the little guys (just depends if your children might not like the height which is around 100ft) then we have another option of a boat float in the northern wetlands where you can see much wildlife such as monkeys and more sloths. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Zipping through the Rainforest
July 3rd ------- Zipline & Travel to Manuel Antonio (Arenas del Mar)

Today we will make our way to the Pacific coast again staying at a hotel which is often full but we were able to find availability. Before we arrive to the beautiful Arenas del Mar we will stop to do the zipline through the cloudforest. This is a great zipline that is kid-friendly. The adults will go alone while the kids will go tandom with a guide. Our final destination of the day will be the Manuel Antonio area which is home to Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

July 4th ------- Visit National Park Manuel Antonio (Arenas del Mar)

Today your naturalist guide will take you to visit the National Park of Manuel Antonio where you will see plenty of monkeys as there are still more monkeys than people in the park. The park also gives you a chance of visiting the most amazing beaches in the area. The afternoon can be back to the room and a chance to relax or maybe the kids will want to rent some boogie or surf boards and test their skills on the small waves. (Meals: Breakfast)
Amanda, Table for 4

July 5th ------- Raft Savegre (Arenas del Mar)

Get ready for one more adventure. We will be taking on some whitewater on the Savegre River. We run all of our own rafting trips and they are privately operated. Here you will enjoy a day on the river on small class I & II rapids while we get everyone wet but keep everyone in the boat. This is a great day on the river and a chance to be surrounded by virgin rainforest. The afternoon you can relax at the hotel. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

July 6th ------- Fly Home!

Today we will transfer you back to the San Jose airport for your flight home!