Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Randy Hillock Costa Rica Sample Itinerary

Aug 1 -- Arrive and drive to Casa Turire (Standard)
Welcome Randy to Costa Rica!

Today you and the five other adults will be met outside the San Jose (SJO) by your private guide and driver. You will travel to the area of Turrialba located around 2 hours from the capital city. Your final destination will be the Casa Turire Hotel. This is one of our favorite hotels in Costa Rica. It is a 16 bedroom old plantation mansion that sits on a lake. It hotel has excellent views of the smoking Turrialba Volcano and the food is some of the best you will find anywhere.

Here you can get a good nights rest after a full day of traveling and enjoy the hotel grounds. (Meals: None)

Aug 2 -- Raft Pacuare (Casa Turire Standard) 

Today we will depart from the hotel with your private guide and driver and make our way to the Pacuare River. This is listed by NatGeo as one of the top 5 most scenic rivers on the planet. We operate our own rafting so your trip is completely private from start to finish. Your guide will prepare for you a river lunch and get you through all the class IV rapids keeping you soaked from start to finish.
Pacuare River 
The river is filled with pristine rainforest from start to finish. The canyon walls rise 300ft on each side with over 5 different waterfalls you float by that measure over 150ft each. If you up for it we can also stop at our Lodge the Pacuare Ecolodge where we have one of Costa Rica's best Tarzan Swings and everyone can take a swing on it. Its not a release you are actually hooked up in a climbing harnass and swing around 400ft. Its quite the adventure!

In the afternoon we will head back to the Casa Turire Hotel where you can relax and enjoy the pool and hot-tub. In the evening we can take you out to visit our friends at a local village and give you a taste of home-cooking. (Meals: Breakfas, Lunch, & Dinner (Dinner is included if you decide to visit the village))

Aug 3 -- Travel to Arenal Volcano (Nayara (Suite)) 

Today we will make our way to the Nayara Hotel and Gardens. This hotel is listed year after year as one of the top not only in Central America but on the planet. Its still a small hotel with epic views of the Arenal Volcano and Gardens and rooms unmatched anywhere in Costa Rica. During the morning after breakfast we will travel to the hotel in around a 4 hour drive making some stops along they way and arrive shortly after lunch to check into the Nayara Hotel.

This place is really a no brainer and along with Casa Turire I feel both these options are perfect for a group of six adults like you will be traveling with. (Meals: Breakfast)
Turrialba Volcano

Aug 4 --  Zipline & La Fortuna Falls (Nayara Suite)

Today we will get started after breakfast and take you flying through the rainforest. With over 70 different ziplines in the country this is still by far our favorite. These ziplines offer the best views of any and also happen to be the highest and fastest cables you will find. You will be zipping 700ft above the rainforest with breath-taking views of the Arenal Lake and Volcano.

After the zipline we will take you to one of our favorite spots for lunch. After lunch we will hike to one of the most picturesque waterfalls found anywhere in Costa Rica at the La Fortuna Falls. Here you can swim in the pools below and enjoy a hike through the tropical rainforest. (Meals: Breakfast)
La Fortuna Falls

Aug 5 --- Canyoneering Adventure and Drive to Manuel Antonio (Si Como No Resort)

If you want to top off the adventure with one of our favorites then its time for the canyoneering adventure. Here you will make your way down a tropical canyon rappeling down 3 different waterfalls that each measure over 100ft. This is an unforgettable adventure and a chance to be completely immersed in the fun.

After the adventure we will make the drive to the Manuel Antonio area where you will spend your last days surrounded by monkeys and enjoying the jaw-dropping views from the Manuel Antonio area and Si Como No Resort.

Zipline Adventure
Your guide and driver will leave you here and meet back up with you on depature day. We do this to bring cost down as the hotel makes life easy at the beach. If you would like we can quote the guide and drive for the entire time if you request.  (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Aug 6 -- Beach Day (Si Como No Superior) 

Today is a day to relax on the beach or at the hotel. There are a number of different activities you can enjoy in the area. One of the most popular is the visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park. Here you can take a hike and enjoy a lot of different wildlife and some of the most pristine beaches you will find in all of the the Americas. (Meals: Breakfast)

Suggested Lunch: El Avion
Suggested Dinner: Roni's Place for Sunset
Manuel Antonio
Aug 7 -- Beach Day (Si Como No Superior)

This is another beach day to finish the book on your kindle or just sit with your feet in the sand. (Meals: Breakfast)

Suggested Lunch: El Marlin
Suggested Dinner: Kapi Kapi

Aug 8 -- Transfer to San Jose Airport (SJO) 

Today you will be met at the Si Como No by your driver who will transport you back to the San Jose airport for your depature flight home. (Meals: Breakfast)

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Julia Atwood Costa Rica Adventure

Day 1 ---- Arrive and Drive to Arenal Volcano (Nayara Resort)
Nayara Hotel

Welcome to Costa Rica. You will be met outside the San Jose Airport (SJO) by your private driver/guide from Costa Rican Resource. Your mode of transportation will be one of our modern luxurious SUV's which will take you comfortably to your destinations. Your first stop will be the Arenal Volcano where you will be staying in the world famous Nayara Hotel and Gardens.

This is a two hour drive from the airport and we can make some interesting stops along the way. We often like stopping to give you a chance to experience the culture. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ----- Zipline Adventure and Visit La Fortuna Waterfall (Nayara Resort)

Arenal Volcano
With two teens we figure we better start the trip off with a little adventure. There are many different ziplines in Costa Rica and the one we plan on taking you to we still consider to be our favorite in the country. Not only does it offer the best expansive views of the Arenal Volcano and Lake but it also has some of the highest and fastest cables!

After flying through the rainforest we will take you to the La Fortuna waterfall where you can swim in the pools of the waterfall and take some pictures of this 200ft picturesque falls sitting in the midst of the primary rainforest. 

Hola Atwood's!
In the evening we can take you out to dinner at one of our favorite spots or you can hang back at the Nayara hotel and enjoy the grounds. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 3 ------- Hanging Bridges & Reserve & Hotsprings (Nayara Resort)

Today we will hike through the rainforest giving you a chance to see different wildlife on the hanging bridges. If you were looking for more fun and adventure we can take you canyoneering rappeling down different watefalls.

After the hike we'll make our way over to the hotsprings where you can soak in the thermal waters and enjoy a great meal at the hotsprings (Meals: Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 4 -------- Travel to Manuel Antonio Beach (Arenas del Mar)

Today we'll make the drive to the Manuel Antonio Beach area. This is one of the most beautiful beaches you will find anywhere in the Americas. It also offers a national park that is filled with wildlife. Our final destination will be the Arenas del Mar Resort which is home to some breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean. (Meals: Breakfast)
La Fortuna Falls
Day 5 -------- Raft Savegre River (Arenas del Mar)

Today we will have you rafting whitewater rapids during the day and enjoying the beach and sunset in the afternoon. This is a great way to experience one of Costa Rica's most beautiful rivers. We will raft down some rapids keeping everyone wet, hike to some waterfalls, and enjoy a delicious river lunch prepared for you by your CRR river guides.

In the afternoon its back to relax at the Arenas del Mar Resort. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 6 -------- Surf Lessons (Arenas del Mar)

Surf's Up andtoday is a full day of fun in the sand. We start the morning with some lessons on how to surf. You will learn the basics and by afternoon you and the kids will be signing contracts for Quicksilver.

In the evening we can take you out to any one of the great restaurants in the area and have a meal on the town. (Meals: Breakfast)
Arenas del Mar

Day 7 -------- Beach Day (Arenas del Mar)

Today is a day where you get to finish the book your reading and relax at the beach! (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 -------- Fly Home!

Today we will make the transfer to the San Jose (SJO) Airport to catch your flight home, packing lots of great memories and Pura Vida! (Meals: Breakfast)