Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sample Itin Round Dos: 2011

Hacienda Tayutic Located in the Village the kids will be at
Aug 6th ------- Arrive and drive to Hacienda Tayutic (Hacienda Tayutic

Today we will meet you at the airport and hopefully you can get on an early flight and arrive around mid day. (CLICK HERE TO MEET YOUR GUIDE) We will make the 2 hour drive from the airport and you will be staying at the Hacienda Tayutic the first and second night. I know you wanted to be in the same place the whole trip but I put you here the first two nights because I figured we could go pick up the kids that are doing the Spanish immersion. I plan to have them in a village by the river that is absolutely beautiful called Sitio de Mata and it is where the Hacienda Tayutic is located. Your group will have the whole Tayutic Hacienda to yourselves as you will be filling it. (Meals: None)

Aug 7th ------- Raft Pacuare or Pascua y Fiesta en the Village (Hacienda Tayutic) 

Since we are in the area we mine aswell go ahead and raft the Pascua section. This is a section that has a few more class IV's than last years section of the Pacuare. It is very intense and I think you guys are ready for it. If the river is running high no worries we always have the option to run the Pacuare again and maybe even bring some duckies on the Pacuare this year so you can run some larger rapids in the duckies. In the evening it is back to Hacienda Tayutic only because it would be too long of a drive straight out to the beach from the take out. In the evening we have a farewell party for the kids that will be studying there. We throw down village people style it is nuts and a bit of the local flavor. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Aug 8th ------- Drive to Casa Belmar (Central Pacific House Rental

Leave early and drive to the Pacific Coast. We will make a beautiful drive over Costa Rica's largest mountain range as we get up to around 12,000ft. We will arrive to the Pacific coast town of Dominical around lunch time and then make our way to the house rental which is around 3 miles south of Dominical located on a ridge looking over the Pacific. We will have 3 cars waiting for us at the bottom of the hill as you have to cross a small river and drive up a steep hill to get to the house. We will use these three cars for the remainder of the week up until the last day where the larger bus will take you to the airport. I will be driving one of the cars and the other 2 will be driven by you and somebody else. (Breakfast)

Aug 9th ------- Zipline Osa Canopy (Central Pacific House Rental) 

Today we will leave the house early and drive south. This is a zipline that I have to say competes with the one you did at the Arenal Volcano. This is an amazing zip with incredible views of the Pacific. The best part about this zipline not only is that it is high, fast, views of the Pacific, and waterfalls but there is a Tarzan swing at the end that is one of the scariest things I have done in this country. It is just a swing but you ad a couple hundred feet below you and a panoramic view of the Pacific from 1,000ft above sea-level and it gives you the impression of ... (I'm at a loss for words but it is nuts). In the afternoon we can enjoy the beaches or just relax at the house. (Meals: None) 

Rappel a real waterfall this year! 
Today we will take the cars off roading for a little bit as we make our way to with out a doubt the most beautiful waterfall in all of Costa Rica with access. The best part about visiting this fall is that we will drive, hike, and then rappel down to the bottom. This is a 180ft rappel and it is a little more intense than the pee-shooter canyon from last year. This has more water, more of a ledge that you dont see whats down there until you walk back a bit and then an under-cut that makes for a nice little free rappel at the end. We will then enjoy the enormous swim-hole at the bottom and make our way back up top for lunch and then figure out how to get the cars out of the place we drove them into. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beach or just relax at the house. (Meals: None)

Aug 11th ------ Surf Classes (Central Pacific House Rental) 

Today you will spend the entire day in the ocean. We plan on doing some surf classes. We will have 16 boards and everyone can give it a go. We have garnet and gold colored boards for the Wheeler family. This is a great day in the sand and fun watching everyone fall and get a face full of sand. (Meals: None)

Aug 12th ------ Raft Savegre (Central Pacific House Rental

Today we will raft the Savegre River. This is a very nice river if it has water and come August there should be a few rains under our belts that the rivers have some water. We will be driving back up the tall mountain range to get in at the top of the river. All other companies do a chicken run at the bottom but we will start higher up going off roading for about an hour through the cloud-forest. It is not a super rough river but there are some nice waves and everyone gets soaked. We take out of the river at sea-level and just minutes from the house which is nice. (Meals: Lunch)

Aug 13th ------ Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

I dont know this chic but she said she loved the surf class!
Today is your day just to relax. One of my favorite things to do in the area is visit the number of different beaches that are around. There are some that are absolutely beautiful. We will hit them all and then some. Also after visiting the beaches there are some great places to clean off the salt in nearby rivers that we can explore. (Meals: None) 

Aug 14th ------- Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

Today is another day to just relax at the house, beach, or go fishing. (Meals: None) 

Aug 15th ------- Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

Another day to do as you wish. I like getting tubes and going on the class I & II nearby rivers. (Meals: None)

Aug 16th ------- Fly Home! 

Today you will leave the cars in the area and the larger bus will make the 3 hour drive back to the San Jose airport. (Meals: None)

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