Wednesday, March 30, 2011

#1 Lisa Sample Itin: June 18th - June 25th

June 18th -------- Arrive and Drive to Pacific Coast (House Rentals)

Surf Classes
Today your driver and guide will meet you a the airport where we will take you just south of Dominical. This is a beautiful area and you get the true feel of Costa Rica where the mountain meets the sea and everything is green. The views from the homes are spectacular. (Meals: None)

June 19th ---------- Surf Classes Costa Rica (House Rental)

Known for being a great surf spot Dominical will be where we take on the waves. We will do this on the first day that way after the activities like rafting, rappeling, and zipline if the kids want they can go practice their already learned skills in the afternoons after the adventures. This is a great class and goes through all the basics of surfing and makes sure everyone gets up. (Meals: None)

June 20th -------- Raft Savegre River (House Rentals)
Not like the Everglades!!!

Today we will take you back down some dirt roads and then on some more dirt roads as we make our way to the Savegre River. This is a beautiful river that has some nice rapids in it. We will spend the day on the river as we make our way through the rainforest. We will plan on having lunch on the river. (Meals: Lunch)

June 21st --------- Rappel Nauyaca Waterfall (House Rental)

Nauyaca Falls
If the rafting and ziplining were not enough then walking over the edge of a 160ft waterfall should do the trick. This is something you can not find in the Fort Lauderdale area for sure. It is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful waterfalls and it is a short drive from the house. We will make our way to the top and then hike a little bit and then the only way down to the beautiful swim hole at the bottom is to rappel down the waterfall. We will plan on having lunch at the top of the waterfall. (Meals: Lunch)

June 22nd -------- Zipline, Tarzan Swing, & Afternoon at Beach (House Rentals)

You won't find  this in South FL!
Today we will take you on a great zipline that is on a ridge located 1,000ft above sea-level with great views of the ocean down below. The ziplining is a great experience but this tarzan swing is one of a kind. The tarzan swing is on the top of the ridge and all you see when you swing out is 1,000ft feet of nothing below you and the coastline. (Meals: None)

June 23rd --------- Visit Manuel Antonio National Park (House Rental)

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park. This is just 45 minutes away and although a big touristy area I still think there might be more monkeys than people in the park and worth the hike through the park to make a half day trip. We will be taking a hike through the park and then enjoy the beaches and then you can visit some of the shops in the area. (Meals: None)

Manuel Antonio National Park
June 24th --------- Beach Day & Relax (House Rental)

Today is your day to relax. If the kids want to enjoy the waves and perfect their surfing that is an option.  Just a day to enjoy the houses. (Meals: None)

June 25th --------- Fly Home!

We will drive you to the airport today to make your flight! (Meals:None)

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