Monday, May 16, 2011

Wheeler Sample Itin 2011

Hacienda Tayutic
Day 1 -------- Arrive & Travel to Turrialba (Hacienda Tayutic) Today if you arrive on a early afternoon flight we will make the drive out to the Turrialba area. This is a beautiful area with excellent views of the smoking Turrialba Voclano from your room. The Hacienda Tayutic is a very small but very upscale hotel with only six rooms and located in the mountains across the valley from the volcano. The best part is that the Wheeler kids will be studying Spanish in the nearby mountain village and we can go visit them at their hoemstays. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ------- Raft Pacuare River & Waterfall Rappel (Hacienda Tayutic)

Waterfall Rappel
Today we are going to take you on what National Geographic has as one of their top 5 rivers on the planet for whitewater rafting. This is one of our favorite days. We operate our trips privately and we will be traveling 18 miles down the Pacuare river. We will also be packing some rope gear in the raft because we will be stopping half way to rappel some of the nearby waterfalls. After the rappel we will prepare for you lunch on the river and we take pride in the quality of our river lunches.  This is an excellent adventure and plan on being wet all day. In the afternoon it is back to spend the evening at the Hacienda Tayutic. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Pacuare River
Day 3 ------- Travel to Arenal Volcano (Tabacon Resort)

Today we will make the trip to the active volcano of Arenal. This is a travel morning filled with beautiful scenery. We will arrive just after lunch and plan on making some stops along the way to educate the kids on the different areas of Costa Rica we will be passing. When we arrive you will be staying at our favorite hotel and chances are you will fall in love with it also. This is called Tabacon Resort & Spa with the best hotsprings in all the country. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 4 ------- Zipline & Visit La Fortuna Falls (Tabacon Resort)

Arenal Volcano
If the rafting was not enough adventure then today hanging 700ft above the rainforest canopy should do the trick. This is by far the best zipline in Costa Rica. Not only is it the highest and fastest but it happens to be the safest in our opinion also. The views are spectacular of the volcano Arenal and the Arenal lake below as you zip through the primary rainforest. After the zipline we will go for a hike and visit one of Costa Rica's most beautiful waterfalls where there is an area to swim at the bottom. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 6 ------- Travel to Manuel Antonio (El Parador)

Today we will travel to the Pacific Coast and the area of Manuel Antonio. This is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful beaches and without a doubt easiest monkey sitings, and I am not talking about Rob Wheeler these are real monkeys from the rainforest. The hotel we have you staying at is away from the touristy area and is located with breathtaking views of the Pacific ocean.  (Meals: Breakfast)

Manuel Antonio
Day 7 ------ Visit Park and Relax at Beach (El Parador)

Today it is a nature hike in the National Park of Manuel Antonio. This is a chance to see the protected beaches of the park and see some wildlife. If the kids are up for some more adventure in the afternoon the option of doing some surf classes is always a great way to spend the afternoon. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 ------ Rainforest Spices tour and beach time (El Parador)

Today is a treat for all. The rainforest spice tour gives you a chance to learn where so many of the spices come from and how they are produced. This is a short tour with plenty of eating and then the afternoon can be spent at the beach or back at the hotel. If you felt you only needed two days at the beach we could put in a night in the cloud-forest at Villa Blanca. If you felt you did not want the beach in the itinerary just let us know and we can work on it till we find something that fits.

Day 9 ------ Fly home from San Jose airport!

With the new highway it is only a 2 hour drive back to the San Jose airport SJO.

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