Friday, December 9, 2011

The Dudes Weekend

Day 1 --------- Arrive & Drive to Dominical (Casa Belmar)

Today you will be met at the airport and I expect to be greeted with a bag of $500's worth of B-B-Q. We will then make our way down the coast to the area of Dominical which happens to be one of the best spots in the country and the only true spot to spend 7 days and stay active as you will see below.

Day 2 --------- Zipline & Explore Beaches (Casa Belmar)

Today we will head down to the zipline. Here you will find dental floss strung between tree branches and gullable tourist like ourselves paying money for a thrill ride. The cables are a couple hundred feet high and fabulous views of the pacific ocean. In the afternoon we will check out some beaches and then go hang at the house.

Day 3 --------- Rappel Canyon (Casa Belmar)

Today will be the day of full adventure. We will be rappeling down a canyon that no tourist has ever rappeled in Costa Rica. This will officially put you on the who's who of Costa Rica magazine and we can get a group to be posted in next months edition. This is simply one of the most beautiful places I have seen and it is an easy couple rappels but involves other activities like swimming when you get to the bottom and avoiding the crocodiles and piranha's.

Day 4 --------- Raft Savegre (Casa Belmar)

The all around best activity in Costa Rica is rafting. This is a great little river with some excellent jungle around with views of more waterfalls. We will run this class three section in the morning and make a day out of being on the river.

Day 5 --------- Visit Corcovado (Casa Belmar)

Today we will make a visit down to Corcovado. We have the option of doing the tour in by boat or just driving down until we get the car stuck.

Day 6 --------- Beach Day maybe a day tour to Manuel Antonio (Casa Belmar)

This is Rus's day to work with the Bolivian's (thats code you guys might not understand but after initiation in the jungle we can fill you in). Although Rus I have to say now looking at this you might want to make your Bolivian day on the day you arrive or day 2 that way if you need something like a paper or something needs to be done and you sign it there is a work week to get things done. That would be my idea considering nothing ever happens with one meeting around here.

Day 7 --------- Fly Home!

Today we will make the drive back to the airport or we will continue shooting flares into the sky because we are still lost somewhere in Corcovado from day 5.

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