Thursday, February 24, 2011

8-Day Science Adventure Costa Rica

Day 1 --------- Arrive and Drive to Orosi Valley (Sanchiri Hotel)

Pacuare River (Could be you Gregory!)
Today we will meet you at the airport and drive you outside of the central valley. This hotel opens up to some amazing views. We will just be one hour from our next stop which will be the famous Pacuare River. (Meals: Dinner)

Day 2 -------- Stop at Village and Enter Pacuare River (Camp Site)

Today we will stop at a nearby village to eat breakfast where we get a taste of the culutre and see how the locals live. After we visit the village we will head to the Pacuare River. Because this is a science trip we will be spending two days on the river. We be at one camp site for two nights where we will have the chance to take nature hikes and go over many different parts of the rainforest. This first day of rafting has some great rapids and we will even stop for a river lunch.  (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 3 -------- Day of Nature Hikes and Education on the rainforest (Camp Site)

We will use today to really give the kids a first hand look at the rainforest. We will be taking nature hikes and even get a chance to cool down in the river as we find some pools to swim in. In the evening we will head back to the campsite where we enjoy another night on the side of the river under the stars in the middle of the jungle. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

River Camping
Day 4 -------- Raft and Drive to Caribbean Side (Beach Hotel)

Today we will raft some of the larger rapids of the river. This is around a 3 hour rafting section today. When we finish we will head to the Caribbean side of Costa Rica which is home to some of the most diverse areas of the country. We stay in an isolated hotel which works great for our student groups and there is much to do in the area. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 5 --------- Sloth Reserve & Beach Time (Beach Hotel)

Today we will start off the morning by visiting a sloth reserve where the kids will have a chance to get an upclose look at the two different types of species of sloths. After we learn about the sloths it will be over to the beach where the kids can try some surf classes or they can just relax in the sand. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 6 ---------- Drive to Arenal Volcano & Chocolate Tour (Arenal Hotel)

Arenal Volcano (Won't see this in Detroit)
Today we will make the drive to the Arenal Volcano. We will get an early start and arrive to the volcano just after lunch. We will make some interesting stops along they way and our most favorite is the Chocolate Tour. This will give everyone an understanding of where chocolate comes from. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 7 ----------- Zipline & Organic Farm (Arenal Hotel)

Today we will do the best zipline in Costa Rica and then make our way over to an Organic Farm. This Organic Farm is a must see in our opinion as you get to experience a completely organic farm and also have one of the best lunches you can find. The zipline is 8 different cables and the highest being 700ft high and the longest being 1km long. An amazing adventure which all the kids love. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 8 ------------- Drive to the airport and Fly Home!

Today we will make our way to the airport which is a 2 1/2 hour drive so if you have an afternoon flight it will work best for this day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Costa Rica Honeymoon Adventure

Day 1 -------- Arrive and drive to Casa Turire Hotel (Casa Turire)

One of the finest hotels in the country and surely the best in the area of Turrialba. This is a beautiful small hotel located on a lake with views of the active volcano of Turrialba. We will meet you at the airport and drive you out to Casa Turire Hotel which will put you close to the Pacuare River for you day 2 of Rafting.

Pacuare River
Day 2 --------- Raft Pacuare River (Casa Luna Lodge)

Today we will raft the pacuare river. This will be a privately operated tour and you will have the chance to go at your own pace. We will bring an extra rower as there will only be two of you. I am sure your father can fill you in on the beauty of the river as it is a no-brainer if you are looking for lush rainforest beauty. After the river we will make the drive to the active volcano of Arenal. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 3 ---------- Zipline & Reptile Visit (Casa Luna Lodge)

Today we will take you on the best zipline in Costa Rica. Your father again can fill you in on the fun of this zipline. It will be eight different cables that are strung up to 700ft high above the ground. After this adventure we will make our way to visit the reptiles and amphibians which gives you an upclose look at the many different species of the rainforest. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 4 ----------- Visit Danaus Nature Reserve & HotSprings (Casa Luna Lodge)

Today is a day to relax in nature as we visit the Danaus Nature Reserve. We will take our time as we look for some different species of birds, sloth, and whatever else decides to jump out at us. In the evening we will make our way to the Hotsprings where you can just relax and enjoy the thermal waters. (Meals: Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 5 ------------- Drive to Manuel Antonio (Espadilla Hotel)

Arenal Volcano
Today we will drive to Manuel Antonio where you will be at one of the most beautiful beaches in all of the Pacific Coast. The best part about this beach is that it is home to the National Park of Manuel Antonio which is filled with wildlife and if you have not seen monkeys yet then be sure that you will see plenty here. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 6 -------------- Tour National Park (Espadilla Hotel)

Today your naturalist guide will take you on a tour of the national park of Manuel Antonio pointing out the many different species of plants and animals in the area. In the afternoon you can relax at the hotel pool or just chill at the beach. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 7 -------------- Free Day to Relax at the beach or optional Tours (Espadilla Hotel)

Today is your day to relax at the beach. There are a number of optional tours in the area if you are interested or you can just enjoy the sun. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 --------------- Drive to San Jose Airport!

Fly Home and start planning 5 year anniversary trip!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Klein Nature-Adventure 2011

Hacienda Tayutic
Day 1 ------------- Arrive and Drive to Hacienda Tayutic (Hacienda Tayutic)

We will meet you at the airport and drive you out to Hacienda Tayutic. You already know what we think of this place and our thoughts have not changed since the last itinerary we wrote. Since you have the JetBlue flight you will have plenty of time and make some stops along the way to get to the Hacienda Tayutic. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ------------ Raft Pacuare River (Hacienda Tayutic)

Today will be your rafting day. It is the same river we had you on before and you will have all day to enjoy the famous river Pacuare. In the evening you will head back to the Hacienda Tayutic where you will relax for the evening. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)
Pacuare River

Day 3 ------------ Drive to Arenal Volcano & Chocolate Tour (Kioro)

Today you will leave in the morning and make your way out to the Arenal Volcano where you will break the drive up and stop for the Chocolate Tour as planned in the last itinerary. When you arrive you will be staying at the Tabacon Resort. With rooms available this is really the only place we have found. We have been playing with dates and trying to work things in but the four star places seem full.  Tabacon is one of the nicest places in the area and has the nicest hotsprings to relax in. I know you asked for 4 star and this is rated at 5 and we can keep working on this itinerary if you feel this does not fit. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 4 ------------  Zipline & Danaus Reserve (Kioro)

Arenal Volcano
Today you will zipline through the canopy and then take the hike through the Danaus Reserve. This is a  small private reserve but absolutely filled with different species from the rainforest. I know you mentioned birds in the original list and you will get plenty of different species of birds. In the evening enjoy the hotsprings at Tabacon.  (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 5 ------------ Hanging Bridges & La Fortuna Falls (Kioro)

Today we will walk through the canopy on hanging bridges. This is a great way to see all the different species that live in the canopy of the rainforest.  We can also do the La Fortuna Falls today which is one of the most beautiful falls in all of the country and a nice little hike.  (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 6 ------------ Drive to Villa Blanca & Night Hike (Villa Blanca Hotel)

La Fortuna Falls
This place was not on the last itinerary and in my opinion I have to say I like your thinking Susie. I would trade the beach any day for cloud-forest. I know you mentioned Monteverde (which we could do but this is more convenient for travel and much less going on and our clients really enjoy it when it comes to cloud-forest) and it is a nice spot but if you want relaxation there is non other like Villa Blanca. The restaurant is excellent and it better be it is all that is out there. This is the perfect place to end the trip and relax. Your guide will keep the kids interested with the different nature activities in the area. We will have a night hik planned for today or day 7 you can decide. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 7 ------------ Day to relax at Villa Blanca Hotel (Villa Blanca Hotel)

This is your day to relax and enjoy the cloud-forest around. You will have your guide with you and can take some hikes into the cloud-forest and enjoy the areas of the hotel.
 (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 ------------ Fly Home!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Klein Nature-Adventure 2011

Day 1 ----------- Arrive and Drive to Manuel Antonio Area (Arenas del Mar Resort)

Manuel Antonio
It helps you will be flying in from Central Florida so you should not arrive on a very late flight. If you can the earlier the better but whatever works. Today your guide will meet you outside the airport and you will be driven to your first hotel. The hotel is located in the Manuel Antonio area which is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the country but even better the National Park. The drive is just over 2 hours and the hotel is amazing. You will be where the mountain meets the sea with incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ----------- Tour National Park Manuel Antonio (Arenas del Mar Resort)

Today you will get the chance to tour the National Park Manuel Antonio. Here your guide will show you monkeys, sloths, and many more exciting plants and animals. This is an easy hike that is flat and if you are up for a little more hiking you can walk to the look out points. After the morning hike of the park you will have the afternoon to just enjoy the beach or relax at the hotel. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 3 ------------ Morning at the Beach &Travel to Central Valley (Grano de Oro Hotel)

Today you will spend the morning in the beach and then in the afternoon make the drive to the Central Valley. This drive will take you to the hotel of Grano de Oro which is one of our favorites and also has the best restaraunt in all of Costa Rica. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 4 ----------- Visit Irazu Volcano Crater & Drive to Hacienda Tayutic (Hacienda Tayutic)

Today you will visit and make a short hike to the tallest volcano in all of Costa Rica. The Irazu volcano is just over 11,000ft and it is a chance to see both coast from the top. You actually get to look down into the center of the crater. After the volcnao you will make your way to the Hacienda Tayutic which (I know Ive said this before) is the best place you will stay. This hotel is authentic and luxurious making for an amazing mix of off the touristy path and complete rest and relaxation. You will arrive in early afternoon and have a chance to relax in paradise with a view of the valley, rivers, and smoking Turrialba volcano. (Meals: Breakfast)

Raft Pacuare River
Day 5 ----------- Raft Pacuare River (Hacienda Tayutic)

Today you will raft the famous Pacuare River which National Geographic has listed as one of the top 5 scenic rivers on the planet. You will be on your private raft and not a larger commercially rafting trip. You can stop and go as you wish and we have some amazing waterfall hikes planned for you. The river is filled with beautiful waterfalls and canyons and will be running low this time of year but makes for quite the scenic run as the river is crystal clear. After the river we will head back to the Hacienda Tayutic for some rest and relaxation. If you are in the mood we can plan a dinner at a local nearby village where you can see some of the local customs of food and dance or dinner at the hotel. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

View from Nayara 
Day 6 ------------ Drive to Arenal Volcano & Chocolate Tour (Nayara Resort)

Here you will have the chance to enjoy some traveling but we will break the ride up with a Chocolate Tour. The Chocolate Tour is actually a tour of a Cacao plantation and where the good tasty stuff actually comes from. After the tour of your choice we will head to the Nayara Resort which is voted by TripAdvisor as one of their favorites in all of the Americas. We are doing the itinerary the way it is because these were the only two days Nayara was available. You will have great views of the Arenal Volcano. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 7 -------------- Zipline, Nature Hike, & HotSprings (Nayara Resort)

This is by far the best zipline in Costa Rica. Not only is it the highest, fastest, and yes the safest but it has the most perfect view of the volcano. You will be on 8 different cables and the highest being 750ft above the ground as you go from mountain top to mountain top through the rainforest. After the zipline you will take a nature hike but I promise it is one that you will never forget. A small little private reserve called Danaus is actually one of the best spots we have. Your guide Jheudy will take you on the many wonders of the rainforest which include different species of poisonous dart frogs, butterflies, many different species of colorful birds and much more. In the evening you will get the chance to relax in the hotsprings and enjoy the thermal waters. The best part about this for the kids is not the excellent meal that is included but the slide that does not look like much but is super fast. (Meals: Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 8 --------------- Drive to Airport and Fly Home

Today depending on your flight time we will head back to the San Jose airport. This is around a 2 1/2 hour drive. It is actually a beautiful drive through the cloud-forest of San Lorenzo. An afternoon flight would work best for this day. (Meals: Breakfast)

Sample Itin Round Dos: 2011

Hacienda Tayutic Located in the Village the kids will be at
Aug 6th ------- Arrive and drive to Hacienda Tayutic (Hacienda Tayutic

Today we will meet you at the airport and hopefully you can get on an early flight and arrive around mid day. (CLICK HERE TO MEET YOUR GUIDE) We will make the 2 hour drive from the airport and you will be staying at the Hacienda Tayutic the first and second night. I know you wanted to be in the same place the whole trip but I put you here the first two nights because I figured we could go pick up the kids that are doing the Spanish immersion. I plan to have them in a village by the river that is absolutely beautiful called Sitio de Mata and it is where the Hacienda Tayutic is located. Your group will have the whole Tayutic Hacienda to yourselves as you will be filling it. (Meals: None)

Aug 7th ------- Raft Pacuare or Pascua y Fiesta en the Village (Hacienda Tayutic) 

Since we are in the area we mine aswell go ahead and raft the Pascua section. This is a section that has a few more class IV's than last years section of the Pacuare. It is very intense and I think you guys are ready for it. If the river is running high no worries we always have the option to run the Pacuare again and maybe even bring some duckies on the Pacuare this year so you can run some larger rapids in the duckies. In the evening it is back to Hacienda Tayutic only because it would be too long of a drive straight out to the beach from the take out. In the evening we have a farewell party for the kids that will be studying there. We throw down village people style it is nuts and a bit of the local flavor. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Aug 8th ------- Drive to Casa Belmar (Central Pacific House Rental

Leave early and drive to the Pacific Coast. We will make a beautiful drive over Costa Rica's largest mountain range as we get up to around 12,000ft. We will arrive to the Pacific coast town of Dominical around lunch time and then make our way to the house rental which is around 3 miles south of Dominical located on a ridge looking over the Pacific. We will have 3 cars waiting for us at the bottom of the hill as you have to cross a small river and drive up a steep hill to get to the house. We will use these three cars for the remainder of the week up until the last day where the larger bus will take you to the airport. I will be driving one of the cars and the other 2 will be driven by you and somebody else. (Breakfast)

Aug 9th ------- Zipline Osa Canopy (Central Pacific House Rental) 

Today we will leave the house early and drive south. This is a zipline that I have to say competes with the one you did at the Arenal Volcano. This is an amazing zip with incredible views of the Pacific. The best part about this zipline not only is that it is high, fast, views of the Pacific, and waterfalls but there is a Tarzan swing at the end that is one of the scariest things I have done in this country. It is just a swing but you ad a couple hundred feet below you and a panoramic view of the Pacific from 1,000ft above sea-level and it gives you the impression of ... (I'm at a loss for words but it is nuts). In the afternoon we can enjoy the beaches or just relax at the house. (Meals: None) 

Rappel a real waterfall this year! 
Today we will take the cars off roading for a little bit as we make our way to with out a doubt the most beautiful waterfall in all of Costa Rica with access. The best part about visiting this fall is that we will drive, hike, and then rappel down to the bottom. This is a 180ft rappel and it is a little more intense than the pee-shooter canyon from last year. This has more water, more of a ledge that you dont see whats down there until you walk back a bit and then an under-cut that makes for a nice little free rappel at the end. We will then enjoy the enormous swim-hole at the bottom and make our way back up top for lunch and then figure out how to get the cars out of the place we drove them into. In the afternoon you can enjoy the beach or just relax at the house. (Meals: None)

Aug 11th ------ Surf Classes (Central Pacific House Rental) 

Today you will spend the entire day in the ocean. We plan on doing some surf classes. We will have 16 boards and everyone can give it a go. We have garnet and gold colored boards for the Wheeler family. This is a great day in the sand and fun watching everyone fall and get a face full of sand. (Meals: None)

Aug 12th ------ Raft Savegre (Central Pacific House Rental

Today we will raft the Savegre River. This is a very nice river if it has water and come August there should be a few rains under our belts that the rivers have some water. We will be driving back up the tall mountain range to get in at the top of the river. All other companies do a chicken run at the bottom but we will start higher up going off roading for about an hour through the cloud-forest. It is not a super rough river but there are some nice waves and everyone gets soaked. We take out of the river at sea-level and just minutes from the house which is nice. (Meals: Lunch)

Aug 13th ------ Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

I dont know this chic but she said she loved the surf class!
Today is your day just to relax. One of my favorite things to do in the area is visit the number of different beaches that are around. There are some that are absolutely beautiful. We will hit them all and then some. Also after visiting the beaches there are some great places to clean off the salt in nearby rivers that we can explore. (Meals: None) 

Aug 14th ------- Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

Today is another day to just relax at the house, beach, or go fishing. (Meals: None) 

Aug 15th ------- Relax at Beach (Central Pacific House Rental)

Another day to do as you wish. I like getting tubes and going on the class I & II nearby rivers. (Meals: None)

Aug 16th ------- Fly Home! 

Today you will leave the cars in the area and the larger bus will make the 3 hour drive back to the San Jose airport. (Meals: None)