Friday, January 3, 2014

Ron Smith & Scouts Costa Rica 2014

Day 1 -- Arrive Villas Rio Mar
Welcome Scouts to Costa Rica!

Today your private guide and driver will meet you outside of the San Jose Airport (SJO). We will make the 3 hour drive south along the Central Pacific Coast. This is a beautiful drive where you will experience views of the
Pacific Ocean along the coastline where the mountain meets the sea.

We will arrive to our first hotel located in the small quaint surf town of Dominical. Here we will have dinner waiting for us and have an orientation for the first night getting everyone ready for the adventure that lies ahead. We will cover different safety issues along with other information to get everyone excited. (Meals: Lunch & Dinner)

Day 2 -- Hike to Cavern (Sleep Behind Waterfall)

One of the most unique back-country experiences we offers is hiking 2 hours to a cavern that sits behind three beautiful waterfalls. We will begin the hike in the morning and make our way along a ridge that travels along the Southern Pacific. This is not a long hike in distance but a steep hike. We will be making stops along the way to try some exotic tropical fruits, 3 different species of bananas, and filling our water bottles up in the different waterfalls we pass along the way.
Waking up in the Cavern

When we arrive to the cavern we will have lunch waiting for us and a chance to relax and get your bearings for the afternoon ahead. We will then gear up and get ready for a 120ft waterfall rappel. This is a great adventure
and a chance to get the kids involved in some rope work. We can make this as educational as you would like and get the kids to do some knots and make it a fun learning experience while embarking on the adventure. After the rappel we will make another 30 minute hike to one of the most remote and scenic spots you will find anywhere in Costa Rica. This is atop the 600ft watefall of Diamante Waterfall.

In the evening we are sitting around the campfire and enjoying the sound of the rushing water from the 3 different waterfalls. We often get the kids together and do different games and thoughts for the day. I'm sure as scout leaders you have your activities also and we are always willing to learn some new ideas and you are welcome to share. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 3 -- Leave Cavern & Drive to Camp Turrialba (Camp Turrialba)

Today we will wake up to with the sound of the howler monkeys and the waterfalls. We will enjoy breakfast and then make another hike to nearby waterfalls where the kids will have the chance to enjoy some pristine pools and spend the morning swimming in an area that has multiple little waterfalls and pools. We will then hike back to the cavern, have lunch, and hike out.
Our Turrialba Camp Site

We will arrive to our transportation that will be waiting for us at the bottom of the hike and will make the road trip
to Turrialba. This is a special road trip over Costa Rica's highest point and a chance to view the Caribbean and the Pacific from the same spot. The road we will be traveling on will rise up to 11,000 ft and offer a completely different ecosystem from where we were the two days before. We will then drop down into the valley of Turrialba where we will be camping in what I consider my favorite spot not known by anyone. When we arrive we will have all your tents set up and a chance to watch the sunset over the active volcano of Turrialba. The Turrialba volcano is a beautiful site and is the only volcano in Costa Rica that has a constant smoke stack.

We again will have a camp-fire and a chance to enjoy the night with breath-taking 360 degree views while looking down on the Pacuare River Canyon. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Pacuare River Adventure
Day 4 -- Start Rafting Pacuare River (Pacuare Eclodge)

Today we will wake up and enjoy breakfast while looking out into the Pacuare River Canyon. The Pacuare River is listed by National Geographic as one of their top 5 most scenic rivers on the planet. We will make the short hike down to the Pacuare River where we will have our rafts and gear waiting for us. Here we will load up and get ready for our 3 days on the river. We will spend the morning and early afternoon rafting and hiking to different waterfalls in the area and enjoy a river lunch as we make our way to our private Ecolodge owned by Costa Rican Resource. Here you will again have excellent views of the surrounding mountains and river canyon along with access to a calm spot in the river for swimming or some evening fishing for dinner. We will arrive in the afternoon, get to know the area, and enjoy another evening of bonfires, stories, and fun. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 5 -- Community Service Project (Pacuare Ecolodge)

Pacuare River Rafting
Today we will get up and make a hike to a nearby village called Bajos del Tigre. Here we will spend the day doing a community service activity. This might entail digging water drainage for the school, painting the school, building a ramp for an elder persons home, building a green-house for the community, or a number of different things all depending on what we feel is needed. This will also give us a chance to interact with what we consider the best part of Costa Rica and that is it's people.

In the evening it is back to the Ecolodge where we will have a good nights rest and get ready for the adventure the following day on the most scenic and adventurous part of the river. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 6 -- Raft Pacuare & Drive to Arenal Volcano (Arenal Hotel)

Today is what we consider the highlight of the trip. We will be rafting down the most scenic and largest rapids of the Pacuare River. No need to worry our guides are some of the top in the country and represent the National Rafting Team having participated in the world rafting championship the last four years in Costa Rica and New Zealand. The rapids and scenery are unforgettable as we will raft past 200ft waterfalls that fall directly into the river, we will raft through canyons that have walls that rise 300ft straight up, and we will be surrounded by lush primary rainforest from start to finish.

Zipline Adventure
After the morning and early afternoon of rafting we will make the drive to the Arenal Volcano where you will have the chance to visit one of the most picturesque volcanos anywhere on the planet. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 7 -- Zipline Adventure (Arenal Hotel)

Although we are partial to rafting being our favorite we have to admit that zipline comes in a close second. With over 70 different ziplines in the country one of the best is the one we will be taking you on at the Arenal Volcano. With cables that rise 700ft above the rainforest floor and have you zipping past the active volcano of Arenal it truly makes for a sureal adventure moment.

Thanks for Visiting Scouts!
After the zipline we will have time to enjoy our last couple of hours in Costa Rica where we will have planned a farewell dinner to bid good-bye to our new friends
and comrade's in spreading the word of getting back out into Nature! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinnner)

Day 8 -- Fly Home!

Today we will make the drive back to the San Jose Airport (SJO) where you will catch your flight home and start planning your next Costa Rica Adventure! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

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