Friday, November 12, 2010

8-Day Costa Rica Adventure Saint George School

Day 1 ------------- Arrive and Drive to Sitio de Mata (Homestays)

Sitio de Mata Homestays
We will meet you at the airport and then make the two hour drive out to the village. When we arrive to the village it should only take a few seconds for you to feel welcome. We will be in the mountains with a view of the smoking Turrialba Volcano but the people of Sitio de Mata is what brings this village to life. (Meals: Dinner)


Day 2 ------------ Community Service Project in Sitio de Mata Village (Homestays)

After a good night's rest we will start off the week by showing the village that we are worth the visit. We plan on taking part in a community service project which will involve doing some work needed in the area. This could involve a number of different things. We have a recycle program organized and many groups help with that. If you are interested in painting or making small repairs to schools or many other needed things in the area we can arrange that. When those types of projects come into play it is funding that depends on how much we can do. If a school group can fundraise back in the states or get donations of a couple hundred dollars for paint and/or things of such then we can plan projects that involve using the funds. After the community service project we will spend time with the families and keep working on our Spanish. Each evenings we will organize the group in one of the main homes that has an open area. Here we usually do a salsa class to get us ready for the last night. All of the homes are within walking distance of each other. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 3 ------------  Craft Class, Cooking Class, & Ultimate Soccer (Homestays)

Breakfast at Aranza's House
Today we will let the ladies of the homestays show off their skills. They all have incredible talent of making something out of everything. There are many items and crafts that are local to the area and make for great souvenirs. This is also a great lesson for the kids to use what they have and not to be waste full with things in everyday life. They will see the ladies use many things that we might have considered trash and turne them into valuable pieces of decorations.  Along with learning some crafts you will also learn how to cooking some of the local cuisine. We will be doing things like the famous gallo pinto dish, making tortillas by hand, and squeezing sugar-cane.  After the classes and lunch you can take a siesta and then we will be on our way to the village soccer field. We will have a game and everyone is invited. This happens to often be one of the highlights of the trip for most as it is full of laughs and smiles from start to finish. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 4 ------------ Canyoneering Adventure (Homestays)

Today is the day to get out of the village and experience some of the natural beauty that Costa Rica has to offer. We will take on the adventure of Canyoneering which will get a little of the adrenaline going as the kids expierence beautiful waterfalls. The canyoneering is a half day adventure and a sport that has become very popular in the tourism industry. We will make our way down small waterfalls and the kids will have to do a small rappel. We have first timers do this all the time. They will absolutely love it as they get soaked. The evening we will be back in the homestays. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 5 ------------ Visit Local Schools (Homestays)

If you can fit a few school supplies in your bags this would be the day to take them out. We will visit some of the local schools in the village. You will know many of the students from your homestay but now you will be with them in their classrooms. What we like to do here is organize small groups of three visiting kids with three local kids and we give them a list of 10 questions that might have interesting answers.  We also have other games planned during the visits.

Day 6 ------------- River Rafting (Homestays)

River Rafting Adventure
Today we will make our way to the River Rafting Adventure. This is the best way to get surrounded by the rainforest. This will be a half day adventure and everyone will get soaked. We will be on the river for around 2 1/2 hours and everyone will have to row. The surrounding area is beautiful giving everyone a chance to see more mountains and plenty of jungle from start to finish. We have two rivers we raft in the area. One is class II & III and the other is the famous Pacuare River which is class IV. The Pacuare River, National Geographic has listed as one of the top five on the planet for scenery. We take first timers down the river all the time and the age limit is 12. If there will be travelers younger than 12 then we will do the Pejibaye River which is still a great adventure and has some good rapids but just a little bit smaller. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 7 ------------- Nature Hike & Farewell Party (Homestay)

Farewell Party (You'll be an expert Salsa Dancer by now)
Today we will enjoy a morning of relaxing with the homestays. We will plan on having an easy day today so everyone can sort of just make their rounds to the different homes and start saying their good-byes, exchanging emails, and taking pictures. We will have a small nature hike planned in the afternoon where we will visit orchids and look for some sloths. In the evening is when the real fun begins as the village will give us the farewell party. This is quite the bash and I promise an unforgettable experience. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 8 -------------- Drive to Airport & Fly Home

Today we will make the drive to the airport and fly home. (Meals: Breakfast)

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