Sunday, November 28, 2010

St. George Costa Rica Adventure

Day 1 --- Arrive and Drive to Sitio de Mata & Tour of San Jose (Homestay


Homestay Room
Today you will arrive on the early morning flight and we will meet you at the airport. From the airport we will drive through the capital city of San Jose giving the kids a chance to see the city and talk about some of the history of Costa Rica and the basic information of the area. When we leave San Jose we will have a 1 1/2 hour drive to our homestays located in Sitio de Mata. When we arrive at the homestays the kids will feel at home.  All of the homestays will be waiting for us and we will split up into the different homes. The best part about this village is that all houses are within short walking distance of each other.

Day 2 --- Community Service School Visit & Soccer Game (Homestay)

If you do a drive at school this would be an excellent day to bring some school supplies.
Visiting Local School
Today is a day to get to know the village a bit and what better way than to visit a local school. This is agreat chance for the kids to practice their Spanish and get a feel for the educational system here in Costa Rica and how the kids from this culture live their everyday lives. After we spend some time at school the kids will head back to their homestays for lunch where they will eat, rest, and then get ready for the local  soccer game we have planned. The kids love this and the whole village shows up for the fun.
(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 3 --- Cooking Class, Dance Class, & Recycle Crafts (Homestay) 

Hanging at the Homestay
Call this a learning day. The kids will get a feel for the local culture when they learn how to cook some of the dishes from Costa Rica. After we cook for a bit we will then loosen up and hit the dance floor where the kids will learn to Salsa and Merengue which will get them ready for the final night here in the village. After the dance class we will go over the importance of recycling and see some amazing crafts as the kids learn to make something out of everything. (Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 4 ---  Community Service & Farewell Dinner  (Homestay)

Today we will be giving back to the community that has given so much to us. The project will consist of some different activities from planting trees in the area, trash along rivers, and/or woking on trails for the nearby Indian tribe ect.
 After the community service it is back to your homestay to spend some final moments with your family as we get ready for the farewell party at Sitio de Mata.
(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Pacuare River
Day 5 --- Raft Pacuare River & Drive to Arenal Volcano (Arenal Hotel) 

Listed as one of the top 5 scenic rivers in the world by National Geographic the Pacuare River is a place of complete virgin rainforest from start to finish. We will make the 3 hour run and then be on our way to one of the 10 most active volcanos in the world and that is the Arenal Volcano. Not a bad day!

Day 6 --- La Fortuna Falls or Nature Reserve & Afternoon to relax in pool (Arenal Hotel) 

We will start the day by visiting La Fortuna Falls which is one of the most beautiful falls in all of the tropics. After visiting the falls we plan on taking a very educational nature hike through the rainforest. In the evening the kids will have a chance to relax at the pool and enjoy the views of the volcano.

Arenal Volcano
Day 7 --- Zipline & then drive to Airport Hotel (Airport Hotel) 

When it comes to having fun the kids will all agree that this is one of the best adventures of their life. The Zipline is a must do and you will have the chance to do it with a view of the active volcano Arenal where you can actually watch the boulders roll down the side of the volcano.

Day 8 --- Fly Home!

Today we will drive to the airport very early.

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