Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sample Itin #2 Garry Sabatini

Day 1 ---------- Arrive and Drive to Grano de Oro Hotel (Grano de Oro)

We will break out the Rover's for this trip as this itinerary takes us off the beaten path. The first night is nothing too intense we just plan on resting up after a long day of travel in the Grano de Oro Hotel which is one of San Jose's nicest places to stay. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ---------- Drive to Dominical House & Visit Beach (Casa Belmar)

Casa Belmar Youtube Clip

Today you will be picked up in a four wheel drive vehicle and we will make our way south on the Pacific side. This is in my opinion the most beautiful part of the country being where the mountain meets the sea. We will be staying in a beautiful house on the side of a ridge with excellent views of the Pacific Ocean. This house is surrounded by jungles and the sound of howler monkeys as you wake up in the morning. We will cross a river and drive up a steep hill to arrive at the house. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 3 ---------- Zipline & Tarzan Swing & Beach Time (Casa Belmar)

Pacific Sunsets
Today you will enjoy one of Costa Rica's best ziplines. I would have to say it is the second best behind the Arenal Volcano zipline. The one this this zipline has that the other does not is the Tarzan swing. This is something that rates right up there with one of the top adventures I have ever done. This is a Tarzan swing that is at an elevation of 1,000ft above sea-level. The swing is on the edge of the first ridge from the coast. You are not 1,000ft high but looking out over the ocean it sure feels it. In the afternoon we will make our way to the beach and enjoy some waves. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 4 ---------- Rappel Nauyaca Falls & Beach in afternoon (Casa Belmar)

Today we will rappel Nauyaca falls. This is not canyoneering as here there is only one waterfall but it is a big one. The sound of rushing water is intense and the walk off the edge as we rappel down the waterfall is a feeling you will never forget. This is a waterfall that I consider the most beautiful waterfall in all of Costa Rica. It is a double-decker waterfall with a swim-hole at the bottom that can not be matched. In the afternoon we will head to the beach and enjoy the waves some more and then sunset at the house. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Raft Savegre River
Day 5 ---------- Raft Savegre River & Beach Time (Casa Belmar)

Today we will raft the Savegre River which has just some excellent rapids and is not as popular as the Pacuare. We will be doing a little off road to arrive and enjoy the river as if it was just ours. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 6 ---------- Surf Classes (Casa Belmar)

Today it is a day of surfing. If you wanted we could make this on day 2 and then just have boards with us all week and the kids could give it a shot everyday after the adventures, just a thought. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 7 ---------- Drive back to Airport Hotel (Airport Hotel)

Today we will make the drive back to the airport hotel that will put you in position to fly home on an early flight if you would like. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 8 ---------- Fly Home!

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