Monday, April 25, 2011

Liddia Morris: Sample Family Adventure

July 2nd Day 1 ------- Arrival (Buena Vista)

Zipline for all ages
Today we will meet you at the airport and you will meet your driver and guide and get an introduction to all the exciting adventures you will have during the week. You will be staying at a nearby hotel with time to rest up for the week long adventure. The hotel has amazing views of the central valley below. (Meals: None)

July 3rd Day 2 ------- Drive to Dominical & Zipline (Villa Rio Mar)

Today we will make our drive to Dominical but on the way we will be stopping to do the zipline. This is one of the best adventures in Costa Rica and a chance to enjoy flying through the air. After the zipline we will make our way to the Dominical area which is a beautiful Pacific beach and you will be staying at Villa Rio Mar.
(Meals: Breakfast)

Sleeping Behind a Waterfall
July 4th Day 3 ------ Snorkel in Parque Ballena National Park (Villa Rio Mar)

Today it will be a chance to snorkel in the amazing Parque Ballena. A boat will take you out and you will have the chance to see some different species of fish and marine life during your time in the water and maybe even some of the humpback whale. (Meals: Breakfast)

July 4th Day 4 ------- Enter the Cave (Sleep Behind a Waterfall)

This is one of the most amazing adventures you will ever experience. It is quite the hike to get into the cave and we have made the hike with kids at the age of 7 so we have no problem with taking an 8 yr old. It is around a 1 1/2 hour hike through beautiful forest and the final destination is one of Costa Rica's most beautiful and unheard of places. We will be sleeping behind a waterfall for the night with no bugs and just the perfect setting as everything is set up for you. It is not roughing it by any means. We supply all meals, there is a shower, and all your towels and linens. We will also do a rappel of the waterfall we plan on sleeping behind. All of your meals are included today. Take a look at the video for a better idea:

<iframe title="YouTube video player" width="400" height="255" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

July 5th Day 5 -------- Hike to Pools and then drive to Turrialba (Turrialba Lodge)

Today we will hike to the pools which make for the perfect swimming area under another beautiful waterfall. We will also see the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica which is the Diamante waterfall being at the top of this 600ft falls is quite the moment. Dont worry we have it roped off and no getting too close to the edge. After the hike out of the cave we will then drive to the Turrialba area over Costa Rica's tallest mountain range where we will cross an interesting area called the Paramo which is a high elevation area portion of the tropics. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

July 6th Day 6 ----------  Whitewater Rafting and visit Local village and make crafts (Turrialba Lodge)

Today we will take you on a whitewater rafting trip you will not forget. We will visit the famous Pacuare which National Geographic has as one of the top 5 on the planet. We will raft a section that we use for families with small kids. We will not be rafting what they call the Pacuare canyon which has the larger rapids. Don't worry it is still a great adventure and everyone will get soaked. After the adventure we plan on making a stop in a local village where we will visit the famous "Dona Fressy" who is a master at making crafts out of recycled goods. The kids will love the visit and a great learning stop and a chance to spend some time with the locals. We will also enjoy dinner at Dona Fressy's as she is quite the cook. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Liddia, We have plenty of references also
July 7th Day 7 ------------ Visit Irazu Volcano Crater (Airport Hotel)

We will drive to the tallest crater in all of Costa Rica which is over 10,000ft. This is a great view of all of Costa Rica and a chance to see both coast. After visiting the Irazu volcano crater we will make the drive to the area of the airport. (Meals:Breakfast)

July 8th Day 8 ------------ Drive to the Airport and Fly Home!

 Well it is the last day to pack up your memories and make the trip home and start planning your second Costa Rica adventure!

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