Friday, April 29, 2011

Scott Sample Itin 2011

July 18 .... Pick up and San Jose Hotel and Drive to Arenal Volcano Area & visit Danaus

Rossette Spoonbill Cano Negro
We will plan on picking you up after your breakfast and making the 2 1/2 hour drive to the Arenal area. Here we can check you into the hotel and then get ready to visit the Danaus. We went ahead and moved Danaus Reserve to this day just because of logistics it made more sense after a morning of travel. The Danaus will be a nice easy hike and a great first day educational stop as you will learn a little bit about everything in the area to make you experts for the coming days activities of things you might see. 

July 19 .... Hike to Cerro Chato 

The Cerro Chato hike will be an intense hike. This will be a morning departure after a nice fulling breakfast.  It is not the distance but the stairs that the kids will love you for. It is a not so touristy area and worth the hike. Your guides name will be Jheudy (who is very knowledgable and will be your personal guide for the week) and he actually took his son when he was 9 years old so kids can make it but we do ask that they enjoy hiking and are in good physical shape.

July 20 .... CaƱo Negro wild life refuge

Hanging Bridges
If you want to see some wildlife and enjoy some nice time on the water than this is the day for you. It is nicely placed after the Cerro Chato hike as today is a low-impact day with a lot of wildlife. Your guide will take you through some of the best spots of Cano Negro. This is just over an hour drive from La Fortuna towards the border of Nicaragua. Then it is a couple hours or more in the boat around the wetlands depending on how much wildlife you see which is usually a lot. We enjoy operating this tour in the afternoon as you avoid the crowds. It is a great time to see more wildlife and less humans. You can enjoy a few hours in the hotel in the morning.

July 21 .... Zip Line and visit to Silencio Reserve

Here is the day of adrenaline as you will enjoy what we consider the best zipline in the country. You will take a nice long bumpy road to the other side of the volcano where the views are spectacular from the cables and the Arenal lake. This zipline also includes a very nice gandola ride.  After the zipline you will visit Silencio Reserve where you get an up-close look at the lava flow from 1963.

July 22 .... Safari boat trip and Hanging Bridges

Safari Float
Today we will get an early start and take a float down another river but this time in a raft. The name of this river is Penas Blancas. Everyone will have a lifevest but not rough enough for helmets. We will also give you some paddles to help out if we are getting chased by a crocodile! Well that wont be the case but we should see plenty of wildlife. After the calm rafting it is time for the hanging bridges. This is a chance to get a whole entire new look at the canopy of the rainforest.

July 23 .... Transfer to your next hotel

Today you can sleep in and we will drive you to the next hotel which will be Los Suenos Herradura. The drive will be around 3 1/2 hours from the Arenal area to the beach.

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