Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Curtis Eco-Adventure

Day 1 ------- Arrive & Drive to Dominical Area (Necochea Inn)

Today we will meet you at the airport with your private guide and driver. The first day we will make a complete travel day and it will help if you come in on an early flight. We will head to the Central Pacific where you will be staying in your own private Inn with amazing rooms and views of the Pacific. (Meals Included: None)

Day 2 ------- Zipline & Tarzan Swing (Necochea Inn)

Waste no time as we get ready to get the kids in the jungle and let the adventure begin. We will start the day on one of the best ziplines in all the country. This zipline is located on a ridge that is 1,000ft above sea-level with breathtaking views of the Pacific coastline. One of the best parts about this zipline is the different zips, the tree rappels, and the famous Tarzan Swing. After the morning of adventure we'll visit the nearby beaches where you can get a feel for the water for your next day of surf classes! (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)
Surf Classes

Day 3 ------- Surf Classes (Necochea Inn)

Breakfast will be prepared for you at Necochea and then we are off to surf class. This is often one of the favorites of the kids and a chance to surf on the waves of the Pacific. We use larger soft boards on some of the smaller waves and usually the kids have no problem getting up. After a day of surfing, it is back to the Inn to enjoy another sunset on the Pacific. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 4 ------- Enter Cavern & Waterfall Rappel (Sleep Behind Waterfalls)

Sunset from the Cavern

Today we will enter one of the most unique places in all of Costa Rica. Not only is it unique but also one of the most beautiful places in Costa Rica. With this said it comes with a price. There is a hike to the Cavern that is about 1 1/2 hours through the jungle. There are quite a few stairs but well worth the sweat to make it to the top where you will be rappeling a 150ft waterfall. Here is where you will be sleeping at the bottom of your rappel which is behind three beautiful waterfalls. Although we will be much farther inland we will take another short hike and be at the top of a 600ft waterfall where you'll view your final Pacific sunset on your Costa Rica adventure. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 5 ------- Hike to Pools & Travel to Turrialba (Casa Turire)

When you wake up to the sound of the waterfalls you will then smell the brewing coffee which will be ready for you when you get up. We'll have a delicious breakfast and then make another hike to the pools which are located nearby. If you are up for it you can jump off a 15ft waterfall into a pristine pool. After lunch in the cavern we will head out and drive to Turrialba. Here we will be staying in the Casa Turire Hotel which is one of our favorite hotels in the country. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)
The Curtis River Lunch

Day 6 ------- Enter Pacuare River (Pacuare Tent Lodge)

Today we will enter the Pacaure River which happens to be one of the top five scenic rivers on the planet according to National Geographic. The river will be running low in January and is an easy run for younger crowds. We will spend the first day on the river, rafting some class I's & II rapids and as we make our way down you will enjoy a river lunch made by your CRR-chefs/river guides. Ok, they're not chefs but they try and they even have a river cheese-cake which is pretty good. We will then make our way to the camp lodge which will be located on the river banks with beautiful views down river. This is camping but it is not roughing it by any means. There are very nice bathrooms and showers and a social lounging area where you can relax and enjoy the evening on the river. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 7 ------- Raft Pacuare Canyon & Travel to San Jose (Grano de Oro)

After you wake up and spend a few moments on the river bank during the early morning we will enjoy a hearty breakfast and make our way down the Pacuare Canyon. The next two hours of the trip happen to be the best two hours I know of in Costa Rica. We will be running the class III & IV rapids of Pacuare River.  The scenery is unmatched by almost anywhere in Costa Rica. After our rafting down the Pacuare Canyon we will make our way just 1 1/2 hours back to the city of San Jose where you will be staying 20 minutes from the airport in another one of our favorite hotels, Grano de Oro. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 8 ------- Fly Home!

The Pacuare Canyon 
Today you driver and guide will transport you to the airport and we can start planning your next Costa Rica Adventure!

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