Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miami Country Day Costa Rica 2012

Arenal Volcano

Sunday ------- Arrive and Travel to Arenal (Arenal Hotel) 

Today we will meet you at the airport with your driver and guide. We'll stop for lunch then make the 2 1/2 hour drive to the famous Arenal Volcano. When we get to Arenal we'll be staying just in front of the volcano and each room will have a great view of the volcano. We'll have a short meeting in the evening after dinner to discuss some of the activities and standards for the week and we plan on the students learning during their adventure in Costa Rica. (Meals: Lunch & Dinner)

Monday ------- Zipline, National Park, & Organic Farm (Arenal Hotel) 

We'll to start the trip with some adventure today. The kids will get their first view of the rainforest of Costa Rica from a cable hanging 700ft above the rainforest floor. This is a chance to experience the best zipline in Costa Rica with amazing views of the Arenal Volcano. After the zipline we'll head to the National Park of Arenal. Here we will make a hike through the National Park and the kids will be doing some community service in the park. We plan on mixing some hiking with some work of getting dirty in the park. Every kid will get a rake or a shovel and it is time to get the trails ready for the upcoming high season. Trail working is fun and doing it next to the active volcano makes a nice backdrop for the community service pictures we send home. We will be eating lunch in the park and going back to the pool in the hotel to cool down. In the evening we will make the short drive to Don Juan's farm.  He's a master of Organic Farming and loves to share his knowledge and fare with students. We will arrive around 5pm which is nice as the sun is not as hot and the kids seem to get more involved. After a tour with Don Juan we will enjoy dinner at the farm. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Tuesday ------- Travel to Tirimbina Biological Reserve & Night Hike (Tirimbina) 

Pacuare Tent-Lodge
After breakfast we will make our way to the Tirimbina Biological Reserve. Here the kids get to experience the lowland tropical rainforest and one of the areas that biologist come from all over the world just to get to study the exhuberant biodiversity of this area of Costa Rica. We will be in the larger forest area of the famous Organization for Tropical Studies. OTS is world renown as one of the top scientific research locations in all of the tropics. We will arrive at the Reserve in time for lunch. Afterwards we'll go out into the jungle where we'll learn about different species and critters of the tropical rainforest. The afternoon will be spent doing activities and games that get the kids involved in the surroundings, making them observe the area as we play games that engage them with nature. In the evening it will be back to the jungle where we take the night hike. For this hike we will have two naturalist guides so and we will split up into two groups. This will allow the students to get more involved with their guide and what is being observed. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Wednesday ---- Enter River Rafting Adventure (River Camping Lodge) 

What has been considered by almost all our student groups as the best adventure in Costa Rica, is the overnight Pacuare Trip. It is an amazinzg adventure that offers you a night in the jungle on the banks of one of the planet's top rivers for whitewater rafting. We will get an early start and put in a little bit farther up stream than the last year's MCDS group. We will raft for around two hours today taking our time and stopping along the way for a river lunch. Then we will make our way to the Pacuare Tent-Lodge. This is a beautiful lodge that has a dining area, social area for relaxing in hammocks, bathrooms, showers, and above ground tents located on the river edge surrounded by pristine tropical rainforest. The evening will be spent doing activities at the lodge. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Thursday --- Leave River and travel to near Airport (La Condesa Hotel) 
Pacuare Canyon

Get ready for the best two hours of your week in Costa Rica. After breakfast in the jungle we will make head back to the rafts and get ready for the famous Pacuare Canyon. Here we will find some of the better class III & IV rapids and some of the best scenery in all of Costa Rica with beautiful canyons and waterfalls in the distance. After we make our way down the river for three hours we will go back to the San Jose area where we will be staying in a hotel located near the airport but still a beautiful area surrounded by nature. La Condesa Hotel is located at 6,000ft and will make for a cool last evening in Costa Rica. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Friday ---- Fly Home! B

You will be transfered to the airport today which is around a 30 minute drive. (Meals: Breakfast)

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