Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mike Tyler Costa Rica 2012

Sunset Diamante Falls
Day 1 ------- Arrive and Drive to Pacific (Cuna del Angel)

Today your guide and driver will meet you outside the airport. This will be the same driver and guide you will have for the entire week. We take pride in our service and our personale and being a small company allows us to keep it that way. You will make the drive to the Pacific coast where you will stay at the beautiful Cuna del Angel which is a small boutique hotel with one of the best restaurants in the country. (Meals: None)

Day 2 ------- Surf Lessons or Deep Sea Fishing (Cuna del Angel)

Today you will get a chance to enjoy the warm waters of the Pacific. You will have the option to do a half day of fishing and then some surf lessons in the afternoon or you can just surf all day and enjoy the waves.  If you are really in the mood for fishing then you can fish all day it is up to you. In the evening it is back to the hotel to relax and get ready for day 3's adventure. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 3 ------- Enter Cave & Rappel (Sleep Behind Waterfall)

One of the best adventures you will find in Costa Rica. Here we will make a hike to a very scenic area where you will be sleeping behind a waterfall. This is not roughing it as there are bathrooms, beds, and showers. It is like having the ultimate dream machine for the night. When we arrive we will get geared up and rappel down a 100 ft waterfall. After we rappel we will make the short hike to the top of Costa Rica's tallest waterfall where we will watch the sunset at Diamante falls. In the evening we can sit around the camp fire and listen to the sound of the rushing waterfalls. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 4 ------- Leave Cave & Travel to Turrialba (Casa Turire)

Today we hike out of the waterfall and make the drive over Costa Rica's tallest mountain range. We will get to an elevation of 11,000ft and a chance to see the Pacific and Caribbean from the same spot. Our final destination will be the beautiful Casa Turire Hotel which will be quite the luxury after a night of sleeping behind the watefall (although many people miss the waterfall experience after leaving). We will arrive to Casa Turire Hotel and you can relax in the pool and hot-tub and enjoy a great meal. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 5 ------- Enter Pacuare River (Pacuare River Lodge)

National Geographic has this listed as one of the top rivers on the planet and the Pacuare River lives up to all the hype. We like it so much we tell our clients it is worth spending two days on the river. We will start our rafting adventure in the morning and your Costa Rican Resource river guides are some of the best in the country (which is why our members placed 9th in the world championship and was the selected team to represent Costa Rica: not bragging Mike we are just proud!). We will prepare lunch for you on the river and then make our way to the Pacuare River Logde. Here we can hike to a waterfall and you will have the chance to just relax in hammocks with breath-taking views of the Pacuare River. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
Pacuare River Lodge

Day 6 ------- Leave River and Drive to Arenal (Casa Luna Lodge)

Waking up to the sound of the river is the best and coming out early in the morning and watching the rainforest come to life is an experience everyone should have. We will be in the lush virgin rainforest and we will enjoy breakfast at the lodge and then make our way down the famous Pacuare Canyon where you will have the chance to run some of the best rapids and enjoy the most scenic part of the river. After we get out of the river we will drive to the famous Arenal Volcano where you will have dinner waiting for you at the Casa Luna Lodge and rooms with excellent views of the Volcano. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 7 ------- Zipline & Hotsprings (Casa Luna Lodge)

Today you will be doing the zipline adventure and with over 77 different ziplines in the country this is by far our favorite. If your not up for the zipline you can enjoy the tram through the canopy. After the zipline it is time to just relax and soak in this amazing adventure. The evening activity will be the hotsprings where they say it takes 30 years off your appearance. I am actually 92 and I look like I am 30 and I give all the credit to the Hotsprings! You will also enjoy a 5-Star meal to end this trip at the hotpsrings. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 8 ------- Fly Home!

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