Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pacuare Lodge, Nayara Resort, Punta Islita Hotel

Hacienda Tayutic
Day 1 - Pick up at the airport and drive to Turrialba (Hacienda Tayutic)

Today you will be met at the airport by your private CRR driver and guide. You will make your way through the capital city and have a pleasant drive through the rural mountain ranges of Central Costa Rica. Your final destination will be the Hacienda Tayutic which is a perfect mix of simple Farm Hacienda living modified to the upmost perfection of luxury during your stay. The views are amazing from the Hacienda and you will be able to see the smoking Turrialba volcano. This is around a 2 hour drive from the San Jose area and arriving on early in the day flight works best for this itinerary. (Meals: None)

Day 2 -  Enter Pacuare Lodge by Rafting (Pacuare Lodge)

Pacuare Lodge
You will wake up to the sound of nature and the sun rising over the mountain range lighting up the valley below. You will enjoy some of the finest coffee in Costa Rica as the Hacienda is know for their coffee and sugar-cane production. After a nice filling breakfast we will make our way on a short 30 minute drive where we will drive off road for a little and arrive to the banks of one of the most scenic rives on the planet. National Geographic has it in their top 3 for scenery. At the river bank your CRR river guides will have your private raft and guides waiting for you ready to enjoy your first day of rafting. We will raft for around 2 hours and then stop for a river lunch. Here your CRR guides will prepare for you a lunch where you and the kids can just enjoy being in nature and relaxing on the river bank. After lunch we will row for another 30 minutes and arrive to the Pacuare Lodge. If you want to be surrounded by nature with a nice dose of luxury yet eco-friendly living then this is the spot for you. We will get you checked in to the lodge which sits right on the banks of the river and viewing areas from all around. Dinner will be in the main dining area as you enjoy some of the finest foods you will find in the rainfores. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 3 - Activities at the Lodge (Pacuare Lodge)

Today you will wake up and be in no rush because you will be spending the day at the lodge. After having breakfast and watching the rainforest night creatures begin to rest and the day creatures come to life we will then get ready for some day activities. Today will involve some ziplining and a hike to a beautiful nearby waterfall. In the evening it is relaxing in your bungalow or maybe taking a hike with the kids to find some critters that come out during the evening. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

Day 4 -  Rafting out the river and drive to the Arenal area (Nayara Hotel)

Today we will make our way down the rest of the famous Pacuare River. This is a beautiful run and the most scenic part of the river. You can enjoy your breakfast and the last moments of being in the lodge. The rafting today involves the Pacuare Canyon which is home to some rapids that will get the entire family wet and also beautiful canyons and waterfalls. Your private raft will be guided by your CRR guide and you will finish your run where we will change, eat lunch, and start the 3 1/2 hour drive to the Arenal Volcano. When we arrive to the Arenal Volcano you will be staying at the Nayara Hotel. This is one of the most sought after hotels in all of Costa Rica and we have never seen anyone not like it. It is a real treat to find availability in this hotel and well worth the visit. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 5  -  Zip Line and Canyoneering. (Nayara Hotel)

Ziplining is one of the events in Costa Rica that everyone wants to do. With over 77 different ziplines in the country this is still our favorite. In recent years there is another activity called Canyoneering and many people love Canyoneering just as much as ziplining now. With this said today of your trip will be the ultimate combo of adventure and fun. Your ziplining adventure will take you on cables that hang 700ft above the rainforest floor while you canyoneering adventure has waterfall that measure 120ft that you will have to rappel down. This is a day of memories that will last a lifetime and add on the Pacuare river that you did on day 3 makes you an adventure expert now! In the evening you will have time to just enjoy the Nayara Hotel and relax in the pool area. (Meals: Breakfast & Lunch)

Day 6  -  Drive to the Pacific (Punta Islita Hotel)

Costa Rica has become a destination of popularity in recent years and places like Punta Islita are a real delicacy now it seems. This hotel is an authentic symbol of Costa Rican culture mixed with tropical high end ammenities and marvelous views of the Pacific. What more could you ask for coming from such a great country to end your trip. The Punta Islita hotel is the perfect spot to end your trip after a number of days of adventure and fun. Here we will drive from the Arenal area and arrive around lunch where you can enjoy relaxing while the kids play in the pool. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
Punta Islita

Day 7  -  Beach day (Punta Islita Hotel)

Today is your day to relax and enjoy your final hours of your CRR itinerary. We will be nearby if you need anything but the idea is a day of relaxation. The kids can enjoy some hikes or hanging out in the pool. (Meals: Breakast, Lunch, & Dinner)
What an Adventure is Costa Rica!

Day 8  -  Drive to the airport and fly home

Today we will make the drive to the San Jose Airport where you will catch your flight home and start planning your return trip to Costa Rica with CRR!

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