Monday, February 3, 2014

Community School of Davidson 2014 Costa Rica Adventure

July 10 ---- Arrive & Drive to Sitio de Mata (Homestays)

Today we will meet you outside of the airport and transfer you to the village of Sitio de Mata. Here you will be be re-united with all your friends and we will have a welcome dinner to get all the kids feeling at home right from the start. (Meals: Dinner)

July 11 ---- Community Service, Sitio de Mata (Homestays)

Hanging with the Homestays!
Today we will start the community service projects. The town council is meeting this week (Fe. 6th) to discuss different projects. The main one this year seems to be help with the community center which sits right next to the soccer field. There are a number of things that need to be done with it including, painting, laying tile, kitchen fix-up, and a garden around the outside. A few other projects that have come up are individual homes. The town council might suggest a few homes with elderly members that might need a ramp but can not afford it or different things that can be done. The school is also going to give a list of things that are needed.
 (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 12 ---- Community Service, Sitio de Mata (Homestays)

Pacuare Ecolodge
Today is another full day of giving back to the community which will consist of the different projects around the community. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 13 ---- Community Service, Sitio de Mata (Homestays)

Today we will apply some cream on the blisters and get back to work! We will plan on breaking up the work with soccer games, tortillas classes, and different activities with the community. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 14 ---- Community Service, Sitio de Mata (Homestays)
Raft Pacuare

Today is the final day of community service. We will have things wrapping up around early afternoon CSD! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
to get us ready for the farewell festivities which are always a huge hit with

July 15 ---- Enter Pacuare River (Pacuare Ecolodge)

Today we will say good-bye to our friends and make our way to the Pacuare River. This will be a half day of rafting and fun as we make our way to the Pacuare Ecolodge. This is a beautiful spot with fabulous views of the Pacuare River Canyon. We will stop for lunch on the river and then continue rafting until we arrive to the lodge.

In the evening we will have a bonfire and enjoy the night in the jungle. This is not roughing it too bad as each cabin has their private bathroom and shower. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
La Fortuna Falls

July 16 ---- Community Service, local village (Pacuare Ecolodge)

Today we will be staying an entire day at the Pacuare Ecolodge. We will take a short hike through the jungle to a nearby village. Here we will have the chance to give back to a local village that never gets any visitors and will be a great way to cap off our days of Community Service. We will spend the morning painting the school and visiting with the kids of the village and then back to the lodge where we will swim in the river and get ready for another night in the rainforest. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
Arenal Volcano

July 17 ---- Raft Pacuare & Travel to Arenal (Los Lagos)

Today we will head down the most scenic and adventurous part of the Pacuare River. Here the kids will spend the day rafting past beautiful waterfalls and canyons. When we take out of the river we will then travel to the famous Arenal Volcano. The kids will love getting to the Los Lagos Resort with marvelous views of the volcano and a well deserved chance to relax in the hotsprings after their community service work. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 18 ---- Zipline & La Fortuna Falls (Los Lagos)
Zipline Adventure

Today we will mix some adventure with some sightseeing as we hop on what we consider the best zipline in Costa Rica. Not only does SkyTrek offer incredible views of the Arenal Volcano and Arenal Lake but it also gives everyone an adrenaline rush on cables that run from mountain to top mountain top.

In the afternoon we will have our swim suites on as we hike to the La Fortuna Waterfall. Here the kids can swim in the pools and get pictures of one of Costa Rica's most scenic waterfalls.

In the evening it is back to Los Lagos to relax in  the hotsprings before we take you out for a meal in the town of La Fortuna where you can walk around and souvenir shop after dinner. (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)
Rio Celeste

July 19 ---- Hike to Rio Celeste (Los Lagos)

Today we will visit a less touristy spot of the area and experience one of the most unique places you will find anywhere in the world. We will hike to the Rio Celeste River, hotsprings, and waterfall. This is a great day of easy hiking through the rainforest ultimately arriving at a sky-blue looking river. We'll have a local lunch before heading back to the hotel to get us ready for our final night in Costa Rica! (Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)

July 20 ---- Fly Home!

Today we will make the trip back to the San Jose Airport. (Meals: Breakfast)

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